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QASIR Z KHAN - visual artist

QUOTES - Art, Inspirational, Love, Motivational, Life, Beauty, Positive, Spirituality, Philosophy

Qasir Z Khan
4 August 1981
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I was without direction. The meaning of life is hidden. My spirit was wandering around in the dark. I prayed to ALLAH to show me the path of truth and purity of essence. My quest ended when I put my soul in the Art World. I’m freely using all the techniques and medium of expression to paint life imbued with love and peace. Each brush stroke and employ the old and digital gear. I display the different shades of feelings and fantasies. It's just the beginning only a long journey ahead to be accomplished in Art World.

I’m a Professional Rising Artist from Pakistan working in Dubai and Lahore. Having more then 14 year of experience in an Art World. I enjoy working with different mediums on canvas and paper; especially Oil Paint, Watercolors, Inks, Gouache, Pastels and Acrylic. I also enjoy experimenting with different forms of Art, such as Portraits, Landscapes, Compositions, Sketches and Illustrations. I’m a Multi-Talented Artist who excels in the field of technology and the expression of ideas. Including Miniature Painting, inspired by Master Mahmoud Farshchian, Apart from that I also produced Fresco Paintings, Interior Art, Assist in the direction of Short Advertising and other Media businesses.

I think vision is the art of seeing which is invisible for others and when I’m working I feel like I’m touching my soul.


Mob/Whatsapp: +971529463050 +923114049210


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